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TRIPTYCH Conservation Services

Location: Wellington
Address: 8A Horner Street
Wellington 6021

PO Box 16133
Wellington 6242


+64 4 970 0228
027 692 3189
Email: Email Triptych
Website :

Services offered:

Triptych is a Wellington based company that specializes in the care of library and archive materials and is committed to promoting the conservation and preservation of heritage collections by offering a range of professional services including:

§ book conservation and repairs
§ conservation treatments for works of art on paper
§ conservation treatments of paper documents, plans, manuscripts, vellum,
   seals, albums
§ custom made archival protective enclosures and packaging
§ mass produced archival enclosures
§ supply of archival and conservation products
§ training
surveys, advice and consultation

Triptych provides conservation treatments and repairs by Book and Archives Conservator Stephen Williams who has over thirty years experience in the conservation sector. Steve is a qualified conservator and has worked with a wide range of private and institutional collections in UK and New Zealand. Recent addition to the team is Louise Newdick, Paper Conservator. Her focus is works of art on paper and other paper items.  Triptych staff are members and/or affiliates of the New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Materials group and abide by their code of ethics.

Triptych supplies archival materials and products such as

  • Boxes
  • Folders
  • Picpockets – PP photo sleeves
  • Care and handling products
  • Disaster salvage products
  • Conservation Materials
  • Corrugated board
  • Manilla folder stock
  • Conservation bookbinding board
  • Hanging  support system for garments

National Enclosure Making Service
This service is suitable for custom sized individual boxes and enclosures - and short runs. Triptych has developed a range of versatile designs to meet the needs of libraries, archives and museums. An automated box making machine is used to produce these boxes. Orders can be made via email and boxes delivered flat for assembly onsite.

Triptych has been providing training courses, workshops and disaster-related exercises, tailored courses and individual training since 2001. Standard courses include - Care and Handling for Libraries and Archives, Care and Handling for Archives and Records, Disaster Preparedness and Response for Libraries and Archives

Triptych is available to consult on conservation and preservation issues such as: environmental conditions/monitoring; storage; risk management; conservation surveys; care and handling; training etc.


Please contact Joy Culy, Steve Williams or Louise Newdick at Triptych to make the most of their considerable experience and knowledge – or to discuss products and services.

Professional memberships:

Society of Archivists UK

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